exhibition in kings road London

On May 1, an exhibition of my works took place in one of the most artistically bustling streets of London, King's road.
There I had the pleasure of exhibiting several of my latest works in the different media where I work. Wallpaper, murals on tables, photographic prints ...
It was the first time I exhibited my works for an audience as knowledgeable and sophisticated as London, and it caused me great satisfaction to observe live the reactions that the viewing of my works produced among the audience. I was frankly impressed by the positive response to my work and the huge influx of public that the event sparked.
I have to thank my partner in the UK, Anne Charlotte Gerdne, of ACLDN for her trust, for her multiple contacts and for the passion she wastes in everything she does. I leave here a few pictures of the event..

London color and sophistication

Among those attending the event were also some of the models of my works ...

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Interview in Jupilings.com, canada

Imagine walking to the deep end of your subconscious and learn about your true desires.  Imagine reaching your highest level of awareness. Imagine an extraordinary experience that explores your resilience which flows through the self-imposed boundaries of the intellect. Feel the sensation of the current of your own agency to revive your strength and the superhero within you. Skillfully, this journey is depicted by Antonio Mora. He leads you to discover your absurd, sombre or brave emotions through self-reflective imagery which captures your cognitive clarity to get closer to yourself.

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Illo Sint

Antonio Mora, a surreal creative and art director, frames the mystery of our pursuit in life and the endless possibilities of our being in an uncompromising artistic narrative. Patching emotions of cultural impressions to the advent of modern life and crushing the overprotective surrogate inner-self to the extent that fantasy becomes a tangible reality is what Antonio Mora offers.Tell us about yourself and how you got into art.

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A sophisticated and diverse audience filled London night with color

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